Sunday, June 29, 2008

Building Our Dream Home

When my family decided to reconstruct our 20-year old home into something entirely new, my Dad started to draw makeshift house plans for our dream home. In particular, we all wanted a house that is American-style inspired, with a 4-car garage, three bedrooms, 3 toilet and bath and an attic.

We started to search online for good sample Home Plans to aid us with our designs. My uncle from Germany also sent us lots of magazines that contained House Plans. We also looked at some Log home plans too and tried to incorporate this. With it, it turned out easier for us to finalize the design and set-up of our new home.

We began building the new house in 2002 and the construction work took about 10 months to finish. In the end, our house looked very nice for our taste. If not for those house plans, we wouldn't have gotten what we wanted in a house.

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