Thursday, June 26, 2008


I had few minutes to spare last night before my husband would arrive to pick me up in Makati so I decided to head for Landmark to buy some stuff for Zoe and for the house. The past days has been unusually more financially stressful for me with payday is still 2 days away. Bad, bad, bad.

Anyway, entering the grocery, I brought out my cellphone and began computing as I put in every item in the cart. Good thing that in Landmark Makati, all goods have price tags in them (didn't realize how great this was until now). These are questions running through my head as I went around --- Now can I afford that jumbo pack of diapers or should I just get the small pack? Should I buy the biggest can of milk or settle for the mid-size? I didn't notice before that there were S-M-L sizes for eggs! Oops! Can I still squeeze in a can or two of corned beef or not? Tap-tap-tap.

Decisions...decisions... The whole exercise was sooo stressful because I really felt the pinch.

I texted my hubby saying how much of a hard time I had while in the grocery. He knows too well I love putting things in the cart, needed or not. He knows that I never carry a list in the grocery and I'm not used to this budgeting thing. So he texted me back -- don't worry, yayaman din tayo (pagdating ng sweldo). Haha! Can't wait till Friday!

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Jenny said...

Naku Vina, I just did our grocery shopping at cash and carry. I tried not to get unnecessary items, and I still ended u[ with a bigger bill than I expected! I think even if we turn ourselves inside out, the rising prices still sabotage our efforts.

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