Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hunny's Birthday Celebration

My dear husband turned a year older last Saturday and we spent the whole day together celebrating.

First thing we did was to go to morning mass with Zoe to give special thanks to God for all the blessings He has been showering our whole family especially Hunny.

After lunch, he and I headed to Power Plant Mall to catch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian --- my so sought-after movie. :-) The movie was great and heck --- we enjoyed it a lot!

We haven't watched a movie in the cinema for ages which makes a movie date sooo exciting (babaw noh?).

Anyway, after the movie we strolled a bit in the mall and then decided to 'chill' in Starbucks where I bought him this --

and this~~

I super miss those days when we just lounge around Starbucks and just hang out or study! Back in my Ateneo MBA days we would troop to this place to actually study. LOL.

Here's the birthday boy and his birthday cake:

After some coffee and cake, we swung back to reality and decided to fulfill some parenting duties and buy some foodies for the baby back home.
We left Rockwell after doing some grocerying and then headed to Eastwood City for dinner.

Guess where we ate?

Dalandan juice for me and iced tea for the birthday boy:

Their ever-famous bread-basket which is sure to ruin everyone's diet:

Mr. Birthday Boy and his missus:

The food is so yummy...oopps, we forgot to take a pic of the pasta since we were starving...

With a some talkies with the Italliani's crew, we got a little extra which capped off our day beautifully:

Happy Birthday Hunny! I wish you more years of happiness, good health, love (from meeeh) and more babies?! :-P

2 insights:

nel's bebi said...

happy happy birthday teng!!!

Vina said...

thanks raf! hope you and the baby (and nel) are all doing well!

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