Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Looking at Myself

Looking at myself at the mirror, I realized how much my body has changed ever since I got pregnant, gave birth and took care of my baby. Motherhood has its many glorious effects but as in the case of many women out there who had been pregnant, my body has never been the same as before as when I was younger and still single.

During the ninth month of my pregnancy, my weight topped up to 165 lbs. My belly was so big and my arms and legs were all swollen. My nose was huge and my cheeks were all puffed up. My breasts also ballooned that I had to buy new clothes that would fit. I so hated to look at myself in the mirror because I felt that I was so ugly. I even didn't want my husband to take my picture prior to my delivery because I didn't want to have any remembrance of how I looked like then.

Anyway, after I happily gave birth to Zoe (what a lovely baby she was!), my body slowly began losing the excess weight. My nose returned to its normal size and my arms and legs slowly regained its original appearance. However, my feet, tummy and breasts had not totally returned to its original size until now. I still had to buy a new shoes and office clothes before I returned to work since none of the things in my closet fits. If you just know, it hurts so bad to be saying good-bye to my old clothes since most of them were investment pieces. Do you think that a California breast reduction or tummy tuck beverly hills can be the solution to my situation? I've heard of many celebrities undergoing the same plastic surgery treatments specially after having a baby. No wonder many of these new mothers look like they never had a baby at all a month after giving birth. Oh how I wish I can also undergo these procedures! If only I had the guts!

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