Thursday, June 5, 2008


Did you know that ever since Zoe started to talk, we try to teach her some basic words. Amongst her usual babbling (which she can only understand), she loves to say DADDY upon waking up, SUS (for Jesus), then DEDE when asking for milk, KAYKI (Kikay) for our dog and KAT to call her yaya. She also often says FISH and BURRR (bird) when she goes out in the garden to play.

But how about the word MOMMY you may ask. Well, it's only this week that she "learned" to say it -- and it sounds something like MAMMMM-MEEEE. And as Hunny would tell me, her MAMMMM-MEEE is malutong na malutong. :-)

Zoe, is the letter 'M' so hard to say my dear? Anyway, I'm just so so happy you finally learned how to say it.

Love you tweet-tweet!

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Vannie said...

awww..:) and that will be a start of MORE "mam-mee's" to come.

ehehe but nonetheless its music to the ears noh?:)

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