Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shopping for Halloween Costumes

I was reading through my previous blog posts and realized how many months it has been that I've been into blogging. I think that it's been a great journey being able to record my thoughts and write about the important events in my life and my family, most especially Zoe.

Among my favorite posts was about Zoe's very first Treat or Trick event held during Halloween of last year. We had a blast! The theme of the party was Halloween Amazing Race and all the kids and baby boomers from the village, dressed in their in their scariest and cutest kids Halloween costumes, flocked to the village plaza to join the fun and games. We had to run around the whole village to be able to get to our clues and to the loots! It was so much fun.

Back then, Zoe was just a baby who was just learning how to walk. Being so small, I couldn't find a nice Halloween costumes for her in the shopping mall. I just had to improvise and make do with a black and gold velvet gown with a matching black spider loot bag! It's was still kind of cute. I thought she really enjoyed herself being with her young friends who were wearing nice costumes too. For example, Keanna was wearing a cute pink ballet tutu with matching ballet shoes. Kelly was in a Wonder Woman outfit. Ken and Kyle were both wearing a pirate's get-up, imitating Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

This year, I want to plan early for Halloween. I already found some nice costumes online at Costume Cauldron which can fit toddlers like Zoe. I’m torn between the Blue Sky Fairy and the Barbie Princess toddler costumes but I think I’ll order online soon. Besides, it’s only 129 days till Halloween!

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