Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday's Best

As a kid, my parents always let us dress our "Sunday's best" when we have to go to mass on Sundays. I remember wearing all those nice dresses my Mom would buy for me and sister and it was how I learned that for God, we have to offer our very best whether physical or whatnot.

Now that I'm a Mom, I always make it a point to dress up Zoe in her Sunday's best. I don't believe in making kids(or anyone for that matter, hehehe) wear super daring clothes especially when the family goes to participate in Mass. Besides, we are what we wear right? And in the case of kids who don't know yet what is modest & proper for them, it is up to the parents to choose the best clothes for them.

As many of the people who pass by this blog may have noticed, I always love posting Zoe's pics here. She is so adorable and smiles so nicely for the cam. Don't you think so or am I just so biased? LOL!

This Sunday's best dress is one of my "best buys" from the Gingersnaps Warehouse Sale this May. Zoe's also wearing new Chicco shoes (a gift on her 1st birthday which we realize already fit her). Zoe looks like she loves her new outfit --- so ready to go out and go to Mass.

Nice dress on the little girl...

Awed by her new rubbershoes...

At her back is the portrait of my Mom. Isn't that cute?

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Pat said...

Zoe is such a cutie! i like her dress.

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