Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Is Zoe?

I woke up yesterday and immediately came looking for Zoe. I felt panicky! Where could she be? I could not hear her giggles downstairs! Then I remembered that she awoke very early that morning and a few minutes later was already brought down her yaya. And since it was still so early, hubby and I snagged a few more minutes of sleep before preparing for another day's work.

Anyway, I immediately went down to go look for the little girl. I went to the sala and took a peep outside through the glass encasement next to our main door. Here's what I saw:

Taking a closer look, I stepped out of the house (in my PJs) and saw more clearly Zoe and her yaya enjoying the whole playground and basketball court all to themselves. The other kids and lola joggers are probably still sleeping coz they were nowhere in sight that morning.

I felt a little a bit mushy upon seeing my baby girl already riding the swing all by herself. She's really getting bigger and becoming more independent. My little girl's growing up!

And I also felt so lucky. Ain't it lucky to be living just across the playground? At least we don't have to pay lots of money to find a place for the baby girl to safely play, meet friends and learn about life (Zoe, look, this is what a bird or a worm actually looks like! Haha!).

I played as a kid in that very same place, you know. And looking at my daughter playing in the same area where I used to play, makes me sentimental. So many of my childhood memories are engraved there. It was where we played softball, patintero, habulan, agawan-base, chiato, and many more. It was where we picked fights with the boys. It was where we danced "Street Beat" and "Material Girl" during the summer palaro. It was where we had many parties and contests. It was where we met those 'boys' who wooed and courted (me and) my friends. Haha!

I really wish Zoe will grow up the same way I did, and even better. I want her not to be afraid of playing outdoors, getting dirt in her hands, doing sports and meeting friends! Nowadays, technology has so much influence in the way kids play that many spend their time looking down glued to their PSPs or are too busy watching TV or playing video and online games. I don't want Zoe to enjoy 'play' that way. I want her to play the traditional way and learn about life outside the home, hands-on. I want her to experience LIFE, the real LIFE, and not some kind of fantasy.

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Ai said...

Sis, this is what i wish for my baby Izabela too that she may grow up normally like playing those traditional games we used to play when we were kiddos. hay nanay naman. pero ang sarap ng feeling pag may magsabi na sayo na 'mama'. heheh

Pat said...

i so agree with you on this!! and how lucky for you to live right across the park.

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