Friday, June 13, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Have you noticed lately how hard up most of the people are these days? Gasoline prices are so high not plus the cost of food and other commodities are also fast rising.

When I was single, I never really bothered to know how much our monthly electricity bill was or how much was a liter of gas or the price kilo of pork or beef would be in the market. But now, I've been so conscious and at the same time worried about all of these household expenses and market prices that it makes me cringe in the stomach!

As the mother of the family, I'm supposed to be in-charge of the family budget. I didn't realize that it can be so hard (which makes my Mom a genius for pulling it through all of those years we were growing up). And even with an increase in our salaries, it still seems as if money is never ever enough to pay for all our credit card bills, utility bills, grocery expenses, insurance costs, helpers' salaries and many, many others. Most especially when it comes to my credit card bills, I'm forever trying to keep it down so that I can get more from my net disposable income. But it's so hard to get out of debt. Those credit card companies are always lording over my payslip every month! I just wish sometimes that we wake up with all of our debts paid for already! Ha!

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