Tuesday, July 15, 2008

`Arney, `Arney, `Arney!

Do you know what this means?

Zoe would wake up very early in the morning and shout (while jumping) "`arney, `arney, `arney!" That's "BARNEY, BARNEY, BARNEY!" My dear Zoe --- Barney at 5 in the morning!?!! Wohohow!

Yep, she's definitely addicted to Barney. She watches Barney at least twice a day. Though she also like to watch Horton (the movie), her love for Barney is way up THERE (pointing to the heavens)! And this is all our fault. Early on, we got her those Barney DVDs and Barney stuffs.

Hmmm... at least she now knows how to say book, hop, and sissy (Baby Bop), among other things. She also mimicks Barney while he counts backwards (10-9-8...). She shrieks when he wiggles his tail! Plus she loves to sing along during the Old MacDonald song (ei-a-ei-a-o!). Oh well. :-)

2 insights:

Vannie said...

ozzy loves the barney 'i love u' song! ghad...i can't get it off my head..
he plays it over & over & over..

ang cute naman ni Zoe & Barney, same size? teehee

may tag pala ako sayo forgot to tell you ahahah
it's HERE

Vina said...

hi vannie! took the pic when zoe was nearing 1 year old. hihihi :-)

this barney and another small one sings the i love you song when you press the hand of barney. nasira na ata sa kakapress ni zoe. :-)

btw, thanks for the tag!

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