Friday, July 4, 2008

Can I Be Slim Again?

Can I be slim again? I asked my husband that question only recently and he smirked.

Some people say that if a guy wants to know how the girl they are courting would look like when they get married, then one way would be to look at the girl's mother. Years back, a guy who was trying to woo me blurted out something to that effect to my mom and my mom gave him the bad look. Why? It's because my mom was big and I, on the other hand at the time, was ultra thin. My mom told him, as if trying to defend me, that I take after my dad which means that in my dad's family, they are quite slim. My mom resisted the fact that I would end up as huge as her when I get married and get pregnant. You see, she loves to eat but hates to exercise. She used to be thin too in her younger days but when she married my dad and gave birth to me and my sister, her size ballooned uncontrollably. Of course, during those times there were no liposuction california which she can undergo to get rid of those unwanted fats. Sadly, she never had the chance to regain her original weight.

Fast forward, some ten years from that time, here I am, married and now a mother. I've gained around twenty extra pounds since and now having a hard time taking it off. I know that there are very competent medical practitioners in the United States, such as Abbott Krieger and Lloyd Krieger who developed the specialized breathing surgery, whom I can go to avail of a beverly hills cosmetic surgery procedure. However, until such time that I get the courage to go under the knife for beauty reasons, I would have to stick to a rigid diet and to my regular exercise routine. I think I need to be slim again unless I want to be as big as my mother.

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