Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Duty Free Goodies

As planned, I was able to buy Zoe a new pair of Crocs kid size 6-7. They didn't have any other girl color available so I had to settle for a red one. It turned out just right. In fact, Zoe already used it the next day (even when she was feeling a little sick). Can't wait to put the many jibbitz I've bought for Zoe long time ago. :-)

For hubby, since he said he didn't want another Lacoste shirt, I just got him a 125 ml Polo Black (already his second bottle). I don't know what is it about guys (particularly Kapampangan guys), why they always have to look and smell good. :-) Actually, that was one of my lasting impressions when I first met hunny -- that he smelled really GOOD! Hmmm :-)

For me? I just got canned goods, tons of imported coffee and creamer, chips ahoy, and Betty Crocker's instant mashed potatoes. Nah, didn't find a Crocs Malindi with my size and we didn't have time to check on the washing machines so I guess I just stuck to grocery items. Hehehe. Honestly, I'm reserving my money for a new digital camera since mine got lost in Australia. Any suggestions on which brand/model is good?

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Jenny said...

Sis, marami ba maganda in Duty Free now? Am planning to go when MIL arrives in August. :)

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