Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting My Groove Back

I've been feeling so stressed at work lately that it has taken a toll on my health and also my skin. I've also been particularly busy with work because of the many deadlines that I have right now. I stay until late at work to finish my job, go home late and thus, sleep late too. Worse, I still have to wake up very early the next day to avoid the traffic. Because of all of these, my body just gave in and I was down with flu for most of the weekend and I had to stay in bed for hours. With me getting sick, I also felt as if my face is already very coarse and dry! Oh no!

Since I don't think I can drop by my dermatologist for my facial and diamond peel soon because my busy schedule, I just plan to return to my beauty regimen which I've neglected doing for the past days or so. I've always believed in Natural Skin Care and in using Natural Skin Care Products since my skin is very sensitive. After cleaning my face, I always apply a moisturizer to revitalize my skin. I only use Organic Skin Care Products on my face because my face tends to dry easily and get pimples whenever I use products with artificial or strong chemicals.

Hopefully, with this beauty regimen, proper diet and enough sleep, I've return to the beautiful and healthy me soon!

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