Friday, July 11, 2008

Hair Woes

I always admired those women on television who always had nice, beautiful and shiny hair all the time. They always seem to be effortless in terms of their hair. I envy them because my own hair is constantly experiencing the opposite. My hair is so hard to maintain and has a tendency to become dry and limp.

Apart from the airconditioning in the office, my hair is becoming dry and limp also because of the air pollution in the business district of which I am regularly exposed to. And because of my very busy schedule, when I take a bath in the morning, I only manage quickly shampoo my hair and then let it dry naturally. I don't have time to apply anything else much less blow dry it into a certain style. What I only get to do is to brush my hair again when I get to the office and then before I go home. It's really pathetic because I know that I should be taking care of my hair and my overall personal appearance more especially that I constantly face very important persons at work. Looking good all the time is definitely a plus point when it comes to the big bosses at work so I should not be taking it all for granted, right?

And so I've been thinking. What can I do to resolve my hair woes? Well, I think that other than going to the salon for an intensive (not to mention expensive) hair treatment, I think I should find the time to take care of my hair by using more regularly a Deep Treatment Conditioner. By using a conditioner, hair becomes so easy to comb and it also avoid breaking and unnecessary hair fall after shampooing and conditioning.

I found many great hair products on It's so easy to order and you don't need to go out of your house and office to buy these wonderful items that could transform your hair from dry to beautiful.

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