Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How Do I Like My Hair?

When my husband and I were just dating and getting to know each other, my friends would often ask him about what he liked about me. I guess to play safe, his answer would often be regarding my physical attributes. And one of his many answers to my friends would be about my long black hair. He would always say that he liked that my hair was nice and long. When I heard that, I started to feel conscious about my hair and how it looks. I always made sure it's always presentable and nice for my then-boyfriend.

This is true even up to present and I guess more especially now that he is my husband. I am still very careful about how my hair looks. I just know that physical attraction is still important even if we are already married. So I always keep my hair nice and straight. I had it treated and rebonded last April so I make it a point to take extra care of it because all those chemicals can dry one's hair. I also have been looking for the best kind of shampoo and conditioner in the market. You see, my hair tends to get tangled up whenever it's washed so I wanted to use a good shampoo and conditioner to avoid any hair fall. Many times, the other products I've tried just wouldn't do the trick.

Of the products I've heard about, I want to try out Bumble and bumble Alojoba Shampoo and its partner, the Bumble and bumble Alojoba Conditioner. These products are said to be proven to give you healthy and shiny hair every single day. You can buy them in different sizes from the travel size to one litre. And when you buy a combination of shampoo and conditioner, you may even be offered a great discount. What's more, it's readily available online. Just go to Mybumbleandbumble.com to order now.


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