Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Me and My Child

Thank you Hailey for sending me another interesting tag.

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Here's my picture:

The story behind it --- This was my very first picture with Zoe. I had an emergency caesarean delivery in UST on September 09, 2006, Saturday at 3:31 p.m. Before giving birth, I handed my old camera to one of the nurses and asked him to take pictures of my delivery. My OB didn't allow my husband to be inside the delivery room and instead was told to wait outside. He was alone and had no clue how long my delivery would take. Anyway, I was asleep the whole time and only regained consciousness when I was already in the recovery room. Someone whispered to me "Baby girl po"... After hearing this, I again fell into deep slumber.

It was my husband who saw Zoe first. She was brought out of the delivery room and was shown to him from the nursery window. Unfortunately, none of the nurses was able to take at least one picture of my delivery. My OB was so strict I guess and didn't allow any unnecessary chatter and movement.

Anyway, per the hospital's policy, the mother is the only one allowed to go inside the feeding room to breastfeed her new-born baby. Visitors shall only be allowed to view the baby through the nursery window. You cannot take the baby out until the day you are discharged. So when I could already stand a bit (after 2 LONG DAYS!), I begged my husband to "drive" me to the feeding room so I can see and breastfeed the baby. I brought my cellphone with me in the feeding room and secretly took pics of me and my baby. Here's that pic. As you can see, I couldn't take a decent picture with my face in it. Other mothers kept coming in and out of the breastfeeding room that I was only able to take a few snapshots.

Show me your pics:






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Pat said...

thanks for the tag. will do this as soon as i go through my photos. 10 days apart lang pala kami ng bday ni zoe. : )

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