Sunday, July 27, 2008

Missing Those Good Old Days

When I was just dating my husband, he would sometimes pick me up after work on Fridays and we would head to a resto bar for some dinner and then for a few drinks. We would sit on those counter stools at the bar and talk for hours. We never ran out of topics to talk about. We could talk about anything under the sun.

And then on weekends, we would often go out on dates like watch a movie or go around the mall to shop and then later head to the nearest coffee shop. We would again sit on those extra tall stools at the coffee shop and talk for hours and hours over a cup of coffee. Now, I can't imagine how that cup of coffee lasted for hours when now I finish my coffee in just a matter of seconds! I guess, it's different when you just want to be with a person, it doesn't matter if your coffee has turned cold or if the price of the coffee is three or four times than your regular cup. The important thing is the time spent together.

I guess that's the reason why my husband has been planning on buying some kitchen bar stools for the house. It's like giving us a cozy nook where we can talk on early Sunday mornings or something like that. And that would be like re-enacting our courtship period all over again. By not stopping to spend time together talking, we will continue to see and understand each other's views and at the same time, retain that attraction we have for each other, that is, more than physical attraction that we had at the beginning. I guess that's one of the secrets of our marriage: communicate and openness to each other's feelings.

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