Monday, July 28, 2008

A Series of Miracles

With all the problems we are all experiencing, I'm glad to have found some things which were a source of happiness for the past days.

1. Our electric bill is down by about 2,000 pesos this month! Yey!
2. I received some online money. Hopefully will keep coming even with the downgrade. Funny, my other blog got a higher rank.
3. Been getting new job possibilities still. (essep essep!)
4. Zoe's feeling better compared to last week.
5. Hunny is staying put!!! No more talks about transfers (at least for the meantime)
6. Bishop Echevarria is here! Will see him again tomorrow and I can't wait! ~~ Blessings abound!
7. Was able to shop with success! Got hunny a new Nike shirt last night at half the price! Got Zoe a nice brown pair of shorts and 2 leggings. Got myself a nice striped blouse that fits! Hahaha.
8. Hunny made for me the yummiest egg sandwich and beef and brocolli last weekend. He's such a sweetie!
9. MIL sent us morcon and batchoy yesterday. Sarap!
10. Will see my sister again tomorrow. :-) That's a feat!

2 insights:

Pat said...

how did you get to lower your elec bill? biggest problem ko yan. and good news on #5! :)

Vina said...

hi pat! what i did to lower the electric bill? i bullied everybody in the house to stop wasting electricity...turn off the lights (when not in use), limit tv & computer, sleep early, no to aircon...blah blah blah. it worked!!

and yeah, milagro talaga na hindi na malilipat si teng. it's such a relief! :-)

btw, i'll try to drop by the garage sale and see you ok. :-)email me naman the details :-)

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