Friday, July 25, 2008

Spruce Up Our Home

I will be receiving a hefty bonus by early September and one of my plans is to buy a few items of furniture to spruce up our house.

For me, one of the major areas in the house that needs some sprucing up is our dining room. You see, our dining room already has a beautiful eight-seater dining table made up of Narra and Mahogany wood. It was especially designed by my Dad and we had it custom-made by a furniture maker. Since this dining table cost us a fortune when we got it a few years ago, we decided to delay buying more furniture for the dining room until we got the budget. Anyway, with my Dad's permission, my husband and I had our eye on buying a couple of buffet cabinets. These will be perfect for the two sides of the dining room next to the big windows. We can make use of these cabinets to store some of our silverware and other items such as tea sets, plates, cups and bowls. Having those cabinets can be very helpful indeed since you have your utensils and bowls at an arm's reach. It helps you avoid from having to stand up and go to the kitchen to get an extra spoon or whatnot.

Another plan is to also buy buffet furniture for the big bare cream wall that's next to our kitchen. We were inspired by the buffet table furniture that our friend Owi and Tintin had in their new house. We went there for dinner last Christmas and instead of having all the food on the dining table, it was beautifully lined up on the buffet table and anybody can just get a second helping if they want to without disturbing the other guests. Owi and Tintin's table was a nice wooden piece with a floral arrangement on top. It definitely looked fabulous. Wish we could really find and buy something similar to that.

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