Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have a friend who decided to resign from her job to try out her luck in another country. She felt as if there was no future for her in her present job. She also had the ultimate desire to get out of the rut and make it big somewhere else. She had a friend who a few years back also left to migrate abroad. When that friend of hers got there, she went to study about the real estate business and became a successful broker. And so, my dear friend was inspired to travel across the globe to do the same too. Initially, I told her to be wary of getting into bad business with the news about the Nouveau Riche Scam going around. I told her that the news could be true and that the Nouveau Riche Scam could send her as worse off than how she is now. Anyway, she trusted her own instinct and so she left already last year for the United States.

I recently heard again from that friend of mine and she was happy to tell me that she will soon be quitting her present job because she had been studying and training in selling real estate and will soon be a broker like her friend. With this good development happening to my friend, I felt so happy for her. Good thing, there was no real Nouveau Riche Scam at all. All is well with her and I hope that she becomes much more successful someday.

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