Wednesday, August 6, 2008

At The Mall With Baby

As I have talking about before, I have noticed that Zoe has been growing so fast! She's so much heavier now that I get back aches from carrying her around especially when we go outside. Actually, we have two baby pushchairs for Zoe, one for indoors and one for outdoor use. And although her outdoor pushchair is very nice and durable, I think Zoe is now in the stage wherein she prefers to just walk or run around. So whenever we go to outside like during trips to the mall and the supermarket, she just refuses to use her pram because she's more eager to run around and explore the space.

For example, when we went to Mall of Asia last week, we just let her do some b4uing1 and running around. She went in and out of the shops and jumped up and down the sofa in the coffee shop where we had dinner. And all this running around made Mom and Dad unduly fatigued at the end of the day that we vowed to make a plan on how to convince her to use her pushchair again or else we would need to scratch off going back to Mall of Asia (or any huge mall at that) until further notice.

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