Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book Fair 2008

I read from Shopcrazy that there will be another Manila International Book Fair at SMX from September 12-16, 2008. The theme is "Words Without Borders". Hahaha! Can't wait. I think i'll prod my diet buddy Shirley to set our monthly meet up at SM MOA again and then make a side trip to the Book Fair!

I miss reading so much! I've been so busy with work that haven't gotten the time to open my new books and enjoy myself by reading. I was such a book addict back when I was single. But now with work up to the neck and a baby (read: toddler) to take care of, it's almost impossible to find time to read. So I really hope that I get to buy some new and exciting books soon (real books and not just mags or newspapers). God give me time!

For more info, here's the official website:

2 insights:

Jenny said...

uy pupunta ka? pupunta din ako, every year I go with a few friends. Sana magkita tayo. :)

Vina said...

yes jenny, im definitely going. i'm a book-a-holic too like you! let's xchange cp #s so we can meet!

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