Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.32

In this week's Coffee Break, Jan wants to know: "Back in high school, what were your usual worries and fears?"

High school for me was very exciting. What were my worries and fears then? Well, I worried about a lot of things! I had many friends and was very active in school. During my fourth year, I was the Class Secretary and Glee Club President. I was also a CAT Executive Officer (EO) and Platoon Leader of the Alpha Platoon (a.k.a. Model Platoon). I got fairly good grades and was always part of the Top Ten in class. I was willing to give up TV, parties and even boys just to be able to study for exams or just to finish my term papers and projects. As a result, everything paid off. Besides, the boys did wait. :-)

Looking back, I think it's quite amusing how I was able to get through high school, more so college and MBA, with flying colors. If you probably throw me back there now, I wouldn't know what to do anymore or how to manage everything that has to be done. Just last year when my husband took up a course on leadership and management in Ateneo and he asked me for help on his papers, I swear I was so tempted to buy essay for his module requirements. Anyway, nowadays, getting a writing service online is so easy. You can receive help on custom writing for your term paper requirements and get a good grade too!

This all makes me realize how lucky the students are now compared to us before when there were no electronic encyclopedia or internet to speak of. But you know, I also think that even without all of these extra help, with hard work and discipline, anyone can succeed, be it in high school or in the real life after high school.

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