Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Help With Debt

Being stressed out with financial woes during the past month, I got very interested in the BillsIQ test and as expected, I wasn't so happy with the score that I got. In summary, it is saying that I am currently not saving enough and paying too much interest because of the many debts that I have. That is why I need to consider getting a comprehensive Debt consolidation facility soon or else, I'll be struck with just being with just paying off the monthly minimum payments of my debts. Until I begin to pay majority of my existing debts, I'll never be able have time to save enough for my retirement or for the rainy days. And if I don't have enough savings on my retirement years, it simply means that I might not be able to retire at all. Now who would want not to retire?

Nobody can deny that life now is most difficult with all the prices of basic commodities going up and the salaries of people not going up as much. In a way, at least I still can manage our finances. Ever since the financial stress I got into last month, I have been more wary of unnecessary expenses. Actually, this all started during the time that the gas and electricity prices had started to go up, particularly during the second half of the year. With news that the inflation rate may not go down for the next couple of months, I am now even considering availing of some kind of Debt relief since I am still on the edge with my credit cards and other debts. If only I can get the best Debt help I can get soon.

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