Friday, August 8, 2008

In Search of Halloween Costumes

Although it's still a bit early, I have already been seeing a lot of nice Halloween Costumes being sold online and in the different stores. This gives me an idea of buying early since, as we experienced last year, I did not plan on anything regarding our trick or treat costume for Zoe and ended up in a rush. I only made my baby daughter wear her existing cute velvet black gown and then matched it with spider loot bag. It was cute though and actually served the purpose but I really want to buy Zoe a better costume this year.

Every Halloween season, my husband and I always make sure that we let Zoe join a trick or treat party. Good thing, our village association always organizes an afternoon trick and treat for the kids with an evening halloween dinner party for the older folks. Last year, Zoe had a lot of fun participating in the Amazing Race-themed trick or treat sponsored by our friendly neighborhood mommies and daddies. Some even looked up the Halloween costume history and gave a little talk about the reason for the occasion. Anyway, many of the kids were wearing fantastic outfits. And since there were prizes for best costume (for individual and family), some families also came in themed costumes with the mommies wearing sexy halloween costumes.

Participants were all grouped into teams as the race started. We saw our close friend who has four kids so Zoe was immediately made part of that team. The game consists of accomplishing tasks after which each group gets a clue to their next tasks. We went around the whole village looking for our clues and doing our tasks. It was so tiring but so much fun!

Anyway, here are some of the outfits which I would pick for Zoe for her next trick or treat party. Aren't these nice Baby Bop and chick costumes? I'm sure Zoe would have a fun time wearing both!

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