Monday, August 11, 2008

Missing My Friend...

I was going through my personal emails today and suddenly remembered my dear friend who is now in London for work. She has been away for more than a year now. Before she left, she was my constant companion, my shopping buddy, my long lost sister. To be honest, among my friends, I am most comfortable with her. Our friendship was really something for the books. I feel a little sad now because I'm missing her company. Although we had our share of quirkiness, she and I really get along well. Too bad she had to leave for work. I hope she'll get another chance to go on vacation here soon.

Anyway, in her last email to me, she was talking about her predicament with her housemates and living conditions. She wanted to move out of her current apartment and live somewhere else together with another flatmate. She told me that one of the factors that she's considering is the price of the monthly rental, the proximity of the place to her workplace, the availability of a good brand of Gas Fires if possible, and the overall security of the place. I told that if she really wants, then she should go and look for a cheaper flat so that she can start to save her salary for the rainy days, not to mention for her future wedding. I could not really give her good advice about the Electric Fires which she also wanted since I've never been to London. I only did get to experience the nice cozy fire places in Spain when I went there some years ago since we stayed in a very nice house in one of the cities there. It really gives you a warm cozy feeling. Anyway, she can also try to look up the product offerings of and ask for expert advice. I guess that's easy enough.

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