Thursday, August 7, 2008

Career Planning

When it comes to career, many people have different approaches to it. Some put up objectives and timelines for themselves while others invest on corporate training and in developing good marketing ties. There are many approaches that actually work but I think that the worst approach is not having a plan at all. It is like when you go to work everyday thoughtlessly, just waste time and allow the work load overflow until you find yourself in havoc and then later on, with no job at all. That is why it is very critical that you set yourself a good plan for your career. Yes, you can take control of your career, not your company, not your boss but YOU.

My husband who has been building a career in IT for the past 12 years already has set for himself a good plan for his career. First and foremost, he has enrolled himself in a leadership management course last year to develop his skills in planning, leading, controlling and managing. On top of this, he has been attending several IT-related seminars that keep him up to date with the trends and news about information technology. For this year, I have been telling him to expand his IT skills by undergoing training for a Cisco certification. I think it's different if you are highly-skilled in programming, networking and other IT-related stuff. This will make you more attractive in the corporate world and can land you in a higher and better position in the company.

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