Thursday, August 21, 2008

ODP Reunion

My ODP batchmates and I had a small reunion at Burgoo in T. Morato two weeks ago. It was a fun party! I always enjoy their company even if most of these guys are assigned in the branches while I'm based in Head Office. But it doesn't matter if they talk most of the time about their clients, their staff and bank operations (which I am not exposed to). I still always enjoy the laughs and the stories, especially with Tif and Howard around, nakakaloka talaga!

BOOs and BMs:

With Mareng Tifanny and Melanie who is resigning:

I sneaked in a order of Cookies and Cream shake (hehehe):

Hope to see you guys again soon!

4 insights:

Pat said...

same tayo na ODP. sa pcib nga lang ako :D

Vina said...

hi pat! si vivian lee tiu din ba hr head ninyo during your odp? :-)

Pat said...

yikes, blast from the past! i can't remember exactly when she moved to pci, pero daming "horror" stories about her. come to think of it, iba naman ang HR person in-charge sa ODPs.

Vina said...

hahaha! so true! she's been with us for years na rin. good thing i'm not under her! :-) siguro kilala mo si jenny cinco and many others who were old pcibankers. :-)

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