Monday, August 4, 2008

Potty Training Time

My dear daughter is turning 23 months in a few days. Nope, she's not potty-trained yet but I hope that she will be in time for her 2nd birthday.

Here's our mini potty trainer. It's a musical potty!!! :-)

Meantime, it's Zoe's favorite seat while watching TV or...

...while eating her favorite snack.

Hope we succeed in potty-training this baby. :-)

2 insights:

Eds said...

hi sis! wer mo na purchase tong potty ni ZOe? C Aj kasi wla akong mahanap for him. Hindi rin cya potty trained eh :)

Vina said...

hi eds! gift lang tong potty na to but i think it was bought in rustan's. fisher price ang brand nito (ata) and because of its sensor, it makes a 'magical sound' everytime 'something' goes down the thingy. haha. cute!

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