Sunday, August 31, 2008


Zoe suddenly felt sick Wednesday night. When I got home from the office, she had high fever and vomitted a couple of times before falling asleep.

I was so distraught. We didn't know the cause for her sudden fever. We barely slept the whole night because we were checking her temperature every hour. And to make things worse, going on leave the next day was next to impossible. I had so many pending stuff and deadlines at work and had to work on all of it so I will be able to attend an important scheduled seminar (worth 15k) at Makati Shangri-La Hotel on Friday.

Good thing my husband and I have a shared responsibility take on parenting. And so as the good father he always has been, he took the afternoon off from work and brought Zoe to the pedia for a check-up.

The doc ordered some lab tests on her blood and urine since she was negative for the common causes like sore throat and tonsilitis. It was Zoe's first time to have her blood taken so, as expected, she gave the med tech a very hard time. For the urinalysis, she did not cooperate at all. They were there for almost an hour and she resisted giving them a sample (it was only taken the next day).

When I came home, she showed me her finger. Aray daw. Huhuhu. I felt so bad because I wasn't there to take care of her. It is during these instances that I really wish I could quit my job and just stay and take care of my family.Well, anyway, that would require another long post...

The result? UTI. (Thank God it's not something more serious). She will be on anti-biotics until the day before her birthday. Good thing she's okay now.

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hope she's okay na. hirap talaga pagmay saket ang kids. aside from the pain e puyat pati sila. hay! :(

Pat said...

vina, u know what, si tina rin nagkasakit last thurs. she got my cough, pero sya nagka fever and nag vomit din. so we had to bring her to the ER. nakakaawa tlga sila. at least zoe is under medication na. mabilis na lang yan. kawawa ano, when they have to go for lab tests?

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