Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ukay-Ukay Sale

My barkada from the neighborhood and I decided to pool our stuff and have a rummage sale at our garage.

The plan was just to hold it for two days but since we gathered a lot of goods and many people were buying, we even extended for another day up to Monday.

Here are some pics.

Our bantay - Yaya Cat and Zoe hehehe

Shoes were sold for 3 pairs for a hundred only!

DVDs and mags for 10 bucks each!

Bags for 50 and 10:

The people who went to our sale were so diversed. The first people to buy were some squatter folks who attended a prayer meeting every Saturday morning at my neighbor's house. All of them literally 'attended' our ukay too. Maids and drivers from the neighborhood also flocked to our house not to mention our weekly labandera and my regular manicurista. There were also some construction workers who had a project along our street and bought DVDs and men's polos. There was also a funny bakla who looked at our goods and got many of our high-heeled sandals and kikay bags (even came back the next day donning my red high-heeled sandals!). Some veteran homeowners also passed by after their homeowners' meeting. One even bought a skirt thinking that it will be perfect as a costume for the 'children of Fatima' who parade every fiesta and Santacruzan. Our neighbor who is a big time real estate broker bought several stuff too (mostly our office clothes!). Imagine, we know her for being very rich but she was haggling with us like crazy! Hahaha!

Grabe talaga. Masaya!

2 insights:

Ai said...

hi sis! ang saya ng ukay ukay sale nyo ah. namiz ko blog mo. ingat!

Beibi said...

hello ok ang mga binebenta nyo ah! ganda pa ng mga shoes!

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