Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Econ Friends Meet Up

My UP friends and I met up during the Monday holiday to bid Edu bye-bye (albeit only temporarily) as he leaves for Singapore for a new job (congrats!). And common to mini-reunions we have had in the past years, we always have a great time talking about our crazy college years and what has become of us (and our other classmates) after. It's actually great to hear about the achievements of our batchmates. Many of them already are well-established and have great jobs.

Anyway, in attendance were Eumir, Hunny and moi...

...Gracia, Edu and Lala...

As usual, food was bountiful and tasted great (Superbowl in Gateway). When I took some pics, they were asking why. I said ' Sensya na, blogger lang po!". :-)

After dinner, Edu treated us for some coffee at Sturbucks. Took some pics too but posting them would just make you drool. LOL.

Edu shared pala a great tip, he said that taking the picture from above makes the pic more glamorous and interesting. Tama ba Edu? Okay ba kame dito? LOL.

Till our next gimmick!

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