Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Looking for a New OB

Some pre-pregnancy planning over here...

Anybody who can recommend a good Intellicare-accredited OB from Cardinal Santos or Makati Med? Since our company shifted this year from self-administered hospital reimbursements to a health card, we sooner or later have to change our OB (in UST) since she's not Intellicare-accredited lest we want to pay all OB consultations and pfs using our personal money (which amounted to more than 50k the last time). And although USTH is a good hospital, I think it would now be more practical to transfer to another hospital. You see, when I gave birth to Zoe, my visitors (including close family) could not get to UST because it was oh so flooded in Espana. LOL.

But of course, this is all just planning....we continue to hope and pray that God will give us baby#2 soon. :-)

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