Friday, September 26, 2008


Have I ever mentioned here that one of my favorite food places is Pancake House? Well, I love it there. In fact, I think I can eat there every day. LOL.

Well the last time we ate there was last Sunday on our way to Batangas to attend the interment of my Ninang's mother. We stopped by first at the Pancake House in Petron SLEX for lunch and enjoyed a full 30 minutes of husband and wife bonding (we left Zoe at home since she was feeling a bit sick).


Feeling so relaxed on a breezy Sunday morning:

Hubby's favorite Tapsilog:

My favorite Salisbury Steak:


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Vanniedosa said...

ur salisbury steak & corn looks yum-oh! ehehe

enjoy the weekend Vina!♥

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