Monday, October 27, 2008

Dampa Again

Because I've been "complaining" on how stressful things are at work, my husband managed to take me out for dinner last Friday in order for me to destress. Hahaha. Okay sa pag-destress no?

Anyway, after leaving the office at 9 pm, we headed to Dampa in Julia Vargas to eat and unwind. Dampa has always been a great experience and it's almost always guaranteed to take your blues away (and hunger) away.

Here we are ~~~ (Dad, how come you still look fresh even after working for almost 16 hours?)

We ordered the usual: calamares and garlic buttered shrimps

Yumyum! Thanks Hunny!

2 insights:

elapot said...

ang sweet naman ni teng! grabe miss ko na ang dampa!

Vina P said...

hi raf! i'm sure nel is as sweet! tell him to cook for you while you take care of joel! happy mothering! :-)

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