Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mga Kwentong Zoe

I have this habit of calling the house every lunchtime to talk to Zoe. Yup, she already knows how to use the phone and already communicates fairly well. When I ask her what she's doing, she would say either eat, car-car, banana, milk (actually, she says 'gatas'). Sometimes, she also asks me what am I doing. I say work, computer, opps (hahaha), or eat. She makes this very loud laugh (a shriek actually) that is so contagious that I wonder if my officemates think I'm crazy coz I also tend to laugh with her.

Anyway, I asked the yaya today what the little girl is busy with. She told me that Zoe spent most of the morning inside the house, playing with her "lutu-lutuan". She also engaged herself in putting her books and crayolas inside her little bag and then out again and then in again...then says "BYE-BYE" as if she's off to go somewhere.

This little kwento made me panic during the whole lunchbreak. Omigosh! Zoe wants to go to school already!!! I haven't even started school-hunting! Bad mommy!

Actually, I asked hubby this question last week ~ "If my mom were alive, would she want her granddaughter to go to school (trad or progressive) at age 2?" (My mom was a teacher for 37 years). My hubby said "we'll never know the answer now". Sad to realize this, I wanted to push the idea aside na lang and not think about where and when to send Zoe to school. But today, after some contemplation, I could hear my mom tell me, "Ask your sister or Dad. They are teachers too, you know." Okay, okay. Why did I forget that? Foolish me (maybe I'm just stuck to the mother knows best thingy). Thanks Mom, I'll call Ate soon about this. :-) Anyway, whatever is the decision, I'm sure it will be the okay.

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Pat said...

hi vina, discuss also with your pedia. tina's pedia kse said that since we're very hands on with tina, sending her to kindermusik is just fine. besides, if tina daw goes to playschool, she'll just catch germs/viruses. : )

Vina said...

pat, thanks for the advice. lapit na ba matapos kindermusik sessions ni tina? will you enroll her again?


Pat said...

2nd program na 'to ni tina in kindermusik. 15 sessions all in all. siguro after this, stop muna. but i really want tina to join a playschool next yr. para regular interaction with other kids. sana payag ang pedia. :)

Vina said...

hi pat. which playschool are you looking into?

Pat said...

it's called The little sandbox, which is where Kindermusik classes are held too. there's another school much nearer our place, but they have field trips every month and I'm apprehensive about that one.

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