Friday, October 10, 2008

Wiwi, the Poo-poo

I got this book for only 40 bucks at the Book Sale in Megamall when we were there last weekend with my Ate. I bought it with the secret hope of making Zoe potty trained after a day or two. Guess what? After starting last Sunday, she is now successful at making "wiwi" and "poo-poo" in the CR for the past three days!!!

Here's what's written in the book:

Potty Training For Dummies is your total guide to the mother of all toddler challenges. Packed with painless solutions and lots of stress-reducing humor, it helps you help your little pooper make a smooth and trauma-free transition from diapers to potty.

You’ll discover how to:
- Read the signs that your tot is ready
- Motivate your toddler to want to give up diapers
- Kick off potty training on the right foot
- Foster a team approach
- Deal with setbacks and pee and poop pranks
- Make potty training a loving game rather than a maddening ordeal

I don't know if we're just lucky or what but bottomline is -- I'M A PROUD MOMMY!

p.s. Much of the credit also goes to Yaya Cat for being a patient "Ate" to Zoe during those many awkward moments. Thanks Cat!

2 insights:

Patricia said...

vina, how did you do it? share naman your tips. i'm having a hard time with tina. : ( thanks!

Vina said...

hi pat! i didn't take much effort actually. we started by not putting any diaper na after she wakes up in the morning (with a few misses at first). then we kept on telling her that if she wants to wiwi or poo-poo, she has to tell mommy or ate cat. we make her do it in the toilet and not in the potty trainer (though i think having that musical potty around enticed her a lot). now she only uses the diaper when she sleeps. i still have to see what happens when we bring her out of the house though. :-)

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