Monday, October 27, 2008

Zoe - a Jollibee Toy Scout

Thanks to the thread at n@w about the new musical Jollibee toy in the market, my husband and I were able to take Zoe out for merienda yesterday and buy that much-sought after toy. As expected, Zoe was all smiles when her Dad handed her Jollibee toy. This is actually her 2nd Jollibee toy (one of her older cousins gave her old one but that one didn't have a musical function).

Anyway, just sharing some of the pics of Zoe with her Jollibee toy:

Zoe's a happy Jollibee kid!

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Beibi said...

Ay.. I like that.. I want one for Kiara too.. hehehe. buti I checked your blog.. regards

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