Monday, November 24, 2008

Gingersnaps Sale and Other Loots

Okay. Okay. I'm posting here some more of the other loots we got from the sales we visited last Saturday. This is exclusive of the many, many toys we bought from Toys R Us which we will give to our godchildren.

First off, more from the Richwell Sale.

Chicco blue rubbershoes for 200 bucks only.

Fashion Fever Barbie for an inaanak...

Another barbie for Zoe (P150 only) ~ I was so surprised that she knew BARBIE! We have never really played with her other Barbies at home because it says in the box that it's for ages 3 or 4+ only. And being a cautious mom that I am, I don't really intend to open any of the Barbies until Zoe's a little older.

We also got to buy some dinosaur toys and other gifts for inaanak. I just needed to hide them agad at baka magustuhan pa ni Zoe.

Anyway, after spending a good couple of hours in Richwell, we decided to head straight to Pasig for the Gingersnaps Warehouse Sale. I remember going there a couple of times before with lots of loots after. However, I was quite disappointed with the stocks they offered this year. Halos walang maganda. I only got a couple of shirts of Zoe (P150 - 180) and also some preggy clothes (pants for P250 and t-shirt for P150) for moi (that is, assuming and hoping that we will be pregnant soon! hehe).

Here's Zoe doing a little fashion show... :-)


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