Lala's Birthday Celeb

My good friend Lala treated us out to dinner at Green Tomato in Shangri-La Plaza last Thursday. It was our first time there so I thought I'd take some pics (what's new?).

It was perfect timing for her to bring us there because we were trying to eat healthier this week after eating too much unhealthy stuff last weekend...

Risotto with prawns (or is it just hibi?) for Hunny:

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta for me:

Sun-dried Tomato something-something for Lala (sorry, I forgot the name): >>but sure was yummy!

For sharing ~ Pepperoni Pizza (got my two thumbs up!):

It was a super fun dinner because we enjoyed teasing Lala about the developments in her social ( life.

Wishing you more years of good health and happiness Lala! Thanks for the treat!

p.s. Btw, if you are looking for tickets to the Hairspray thing this November, Lala is selling some tickets. Just make a comment so I can give you the details.


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