Our Wedding Anniv Celebration

October 30 has always been a very special day. It was the day we first talked and got to know each other (it was also Thursday way back 1997). It was also the day we became a couple (actually, he was my bf already in August --or was it July hun?--but we broke up over a month after that and then reconciled only on Oct. 30). Lastly, it was also the day we got married.
Here are some pics of the day's highlights.

Picture-taking with Zoe before leaving for the office (matching outfits pa yan ha).

After work, we went to mass together at the Greenbelt Chapel and then proceeded to Sugi for dinner.

The place was packed. Food and service are great. Plus I love it's interiors. They've already decorated the place with Christmas lights.

Here's what we ordered. Super sarap and sulit.

It was kinda funny because we were seated near this group whose conversations we cannot help but overhear (they talk so loud you know!). I think they were a bunch of people from the movie/tv industry because they can't stop talking about the artistas they've dealt and worked with. Their chickahan was filled with juicy stories about the popular celebrities that we were so engrossed with what we were hearing rather than bothering to start our own interesting conversation. And then to top it all, towards the end of the meal, we saw the Ms. Earth candidates parading outside, we were like, "Okay, okay, enough!!!".

Cheers to a lifetime of togetherness and love!


Tinggay said…
happy anniv to you and your hubby vina! :) nakaka miss kumain sa sugi!
AiDiSan said…
hey we have the same anniversary month, ours is oct. 27 and I blogged about it too.

i wish you more years together, and more kids of course...hehehe.

God Bless

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