Monday, December 22, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

As the popular song goes, "All I want for my two front teeth". Well, for this Christmas, since my teeth are alright, I got a wish that is different this time. I want for myself a digital photo frame. You see the other day, I saw our big boss handing out some Christmas gifts to the people in the company. One of the gifts that caught my eye were the digital photo frames that are in vogue now. I think it's a great gift idea to be given to close friends and family. In fact, my Dad and godmother have their own photo digital frame at their home in Batangas. They had their wedding pictures stored in that frame. So when visitors come to their home, they almost automatically play the wedding pictures for the visitors to see. It's amazing!

What's better news is that I heard that you can save a lot when you order the CEIVAshare digital photo frame online. They even are sponsoring a "Got a Wish" sweepstakes.

Oh Santa! I hope you can read this so you can send me this great gift this Christmas! My daughter Zoe would love this too! Look over here! She is pointing at the frame, trying to tell you that she really likes to receive this for Christmas.


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AiDiSan said...


i want to have my own digital photo frame. unfortunately haven't see one in SM or Robinson. Would you know how much it cost?

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