Are you Ready?

Ready or not, Christmas is almost here. People are in a frenzy to finish their Christmas shopping. Sadly, for lack of ideas, some just resort to buying generic gifts which only end up in the basement cabinet, never to be used at all. As some will say, "it's the thought that counts." But in this instance, the thought was not deep or creative enough. So for those who want to make an impact or at least convey a sincere message of thanks or of appreciation, I suggest you give personalized holiday gifts which are not only useful but also fit your budget. These are the best gifts that you can give your boss, your colleagues, your officemates and the other people in the workplace. In my case, these are perfect gifts to give someone who is tech-savvy or someone who often uses the computer for work or for business. You can choose among personalized pens, business card drives, thumb drives and wooden USB flash drives. I, myself, would not mind receiving any of these wonderful stuff. These will be a great help for me in the performance of my job as well as for my other side jobs. Anyone who cares to send me at least one of these goodies? LOL.




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