Baguio Trip 2008

Okay. I think I'll just do the short cut version kwento about this 3-day trip. All in all, I found the trip very relaxing and refreshing, that is, even if we had to chase the toddler around the whole day. Vale la pena! It was SUPER worthwhile! Every minute, every peso spent -- definitely worth it! This trip was so simple but so fun!

Here are some pictures c/o our friend Eumir, husband of Gracia>> we so envy your cameras! Thanks for the pictures!

Ruby, me and Gracia (we miss you Che, Lala and Jackie!) - we were booked in Hotel Supreme. After unpacking, we immediately had some photo opps.

Then we headed straight for lunch in Mile Hi inside Camp John Hay.

Ruby's order - Baby back ribs

My order - Tapsilog

Here are some pictures of the little girl - it was her (and yaya's) first time to go to Baguio and boy, she (and yaya) felt car-sick the whole time en route to Baguio. Wawa baby girl. Good thing she recovered quickly.

After lunch, we went to the Baguio Botanical Gardens...Here's Zoe and Daddy. Too bad, she didn't want to ride the horse.

The Pinedas in Baguio City

A precious moment between Father and Daughter.

A photo that looks like as if taken from a studio. Naks!

Another Daddy and Zoe moment...

Funny pic of lovers Ruby and Emerson.

Sometimes I think if Zoe knows how much she has been photographed. Here is Zoe and me (her papparazzi).

After the Botanical Garden, we went to St. Joseph's Parish to attend anticipated Sunday mass. Dinner was again in Camp John Hay. We decided to sleep early that night. So tired from the road trip I guess.

The next day, our family had Sunday mass at the Cathedral, some shopping at the Guess store at Porta Vaga and then a quick breakfast at Volante along Session Road. The weather was perfect.

We went back to pick up the others and then we left Zoe and yaya in the hotel and went to Cafe by the Ruins (their service was not so good). Anyway, after lunch, we went to Tam-awan Village.

Here's Emerson in his most pose-kung-pose moment. Haha.

Mr. and Mrs. Igorot 2008..

Our main pakay for the day -- the Fertility Hut! Go Gracia and Eumir!

Here's us inside the Fertility Hut -- baby#2 - pls. come soon!

Lining up to cross the bamboo bridge-

A stolen shot of us looking tired after climbing the top of the hill. We look so married (with a kid) here, don't you think?

Group shot!

Right before we exited, Hunny was able to shoot 3 coins inside the bamboo hole ala wishing well. What's his wish? "A baby boy", he exclaimed. How cute!

After all that, they returned to the hotel while the Pineda family went around the usual tourist spots: Mines View Park, Good Shepherd, Session Road. We had dinner later that night in the famous Rose Bowl.

The next day was palengke day. We went to buy the usual vegetables and pasalubongs. We also scored a beautiful table runner for our 8-seater table. We also got some nice-looking pashminas to be given as Christmas gifts.

Lunch was at Pancake House in the gas station before you reach Marcos Highway. Then it was another long trip back home.

We sure did enjoy all the stories, jokes and company. Did I say I'll do a short-cut version? Sorry, got carried away! I hope you liked the pics and the kwentos. Till next time!


Ai Dihayco said…
nice relaxing trip vina. im enjoying the pics:-)
Faye said…
I miss Baguio City! :) nice photos!

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