Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Get More for Less

In these difficult times, many are resorting to more frugal ways of living. One does not really know how the economy will turn out by next year so we need to really tighten our belts to prepare for the worse. This means putting an end to lavish spending as well as cutting down the wants and just focusing on the needs. We need to live poverty well. But this, of course, should not mean that we live poverty without a bit of dignity.

For a working mother like me, there were some drastic changes in the way we had been spending our hard-earned money. But all of these developments are not an excuse from not trying to look pretty and presentable. Frugality does not mean looking shabby and ugly. So definitely, unkempt hair, unplanned wardrobe and an unmade face is still a no-no especially since I work in the corporate world. I can skimp on other things of course. For example, I recently bought my glasses for a cheaper price (for at least $15 at Optical4less) but it still looks stylish. In the same way, good quality clothes, bags and shoes can also be bought at a cheaper price because of the discounts and sales. A wise spender always buys quality goods (so you don't have to buy again and again) but never at the full price. Do you agree?

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