A Hobby that Pays

My love affair with blogging started around the time that I got pregnant back in 2006. I had an idea that I want to be able to write down my thoughts about my pregnancy. I wanted to record my feelings and memories and I was happy to discover that I could do this online for my family and future children to see. Thus, I started to write online or "blog" as the more precise term would be. So that was already more than 2 years ago. I never stopped liking and loving to blog. In fact, I just got my own domain called vinanini.com yesterday (vinanini is sort of an endearment or a nickname some close friends gave me). This shall now be my main blog where I can write about anything under the sun (the title is temporarily Jump at the Sun). That blog is apart from my two other existing sites, namely: On A Wonderful Day Like Today (this one) and House Everything (my home management blog).

Anyway, I even loved blogging more when I realized that this hobby of mine can turn out to be not just an outlet for raves and rants but also for an opportunity or venue for great learning, meeting other people, finding friends and even earning a bit of extra money. Yes, it's true. Blogging, even if it's just a hobby, can help you earn some bucks without much effort.

It's really a great thing that I have discovered that you can actually advertise on blogs. What can you expect? The internet today is such a very powerful tool for business and entrepreneurs. As a result to that, those who have a knack for writing (and have the time for it) can also benefit and get paid for writing about stuff like products and services that are available now. It's really that easy. Paying Post is one of those great sites that offer benefits to both advertisers and bloggers. I've recently signed up with them and I'm glad.


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