Monday, December 22, 2008

ODP Parttteeeeh

We headed to Tifanny's house last Saturday night for our annual ODP Christmas Party. It was a potluck party so we decided to bring grilled liempo for our dinner contribution. As usual, food was abundant and so were the chickahan and stories.

We had a super fun night. While the boys drank away in Tif's garage, the ladies were in the living room talking about our past ODP experiences and struggles as bank officers (and as working moms too). In a way, I really learn a lot about the struggles and hardships of these friends of mine who are mostly assigned in the branches. I do not know a lot about bank operations --- I've been forever stuck in the Head Office (but doing their salary adjustments and profit sharing, hahaha).

Here are some pictures!

Thank you for all of those gifts you gave and for those MBTC bags! But where are the calendars and umbrella giveaways?!! LOL!>

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