Just Arrived

Hi! My family and I just arrived from a 4d 3n vacation in Iloilo/Bacolod. It was so fun but tiring and expensive ~~~ Nevertheless, I wouldn't exchange that wonderful time with my family for the world! We only got to take a few pictures during this trip because we were mostly busy chasing the little girl around. Hahaha! You see, she's really into her terrible two-moments now. Anyway, I promise to post the pics here (maybe tomorrow if I remember to bring my usb cable). I'll also add some side kwento from the trip.

On baby #2 naman ~~~ well, I'm hoping and praying that I'll continue to feel good. I still don't experience any morning sickness or something of that kind. Hopefully, unlike the last time, I don't need to take time off from work because of this pregnancy. I've gain some weight during the weekend (blame it on all that delicious Ilonggo food!) and I hope it's all good and healthy for the baby. :-)

More updates soon! But for now, I gotta go back to work!


Jacqui said…
hi vina,

will wait for your bacolod pictures, im sure really nice yun place :)

congrats pala on baby no. 2 ... ate na si zoie! hahaha :)
Vina P said…
hi jacqui! my vacation kwentos can be found here. http://www.vinanini.com/2009/01/iloilo-vacation-2009.html

thanks for the greetings! :-)

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