Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inggit Me

Hahaha! My Dad (and ninang) are leaving for the US and Canada tomorrow and I'm so envious! How I wish we can fit inside their maletas so that we can tag along!

In fairness, I'm so happy that my Dad's making this trip. It's his first time to go to the States/Canada. I heard that they'll be going to Detroit, Las Vegas, New York, Toronto, and Chicago. Ang dami! It's also his first time to go abroad with my ninang so okay din. I remember when he went to Europe two years ago, lungkot na lungkot sya because he toured all those fantastic places alone. Ang hirap kayang picturan ang sarili mo! He even got left by the plane because he got lost in the train station. Tsk! At least now, he has a companion.

Have a safe trip po! Don't forget my bilins! Hehehe! Be home soon!

2 insights:

nel's bebi said...

ang sarap naman ni daddy :)
ako nga i live here but i've never been to chicago (may auntie pa ako dun ha), detroit nor Canada! :)

Vina P said...

oo nga raf. buti pa sila noh?

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