Monday, February 23, 2009

My Reunion with CSI

Though an avid fan, I haven't really followed CSI Vegas for the past months. When I was pregnant before with Zoe, I watched a lot of CSI and actually fancied the character of Sara Sidle and decided to name our baby after her (thus, the name Zara from Sara). However, for the past months, I've haven't followed the show, or any show for that matter, since I've eliminated tv-watching from my schedule. I really prefer sleeping instead of gluing my eyes to the tv during the night. So when my husband just has to watch a little tv before sleeping, he props his earphones so he won't wake us (me and Zoe) up.

Recently, however, for some reason, I was awake enough to catch the episode about Warrick Brown being murdered (Season 9, episode 1). Oh, I love it! Too bad, I heard that Gil will also leave by the 10th episode (already aired in the States). After that, I think Dr. Ray Langston will come into the picture. Hmmm...interesting developments. I think I'll be following CSI again and see for myself. But honestly, I can't imagine CSI Vegas without Sara, Gil and Warrick. :-(

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